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USPS Shipping – US mail.

The post office standards are pretty clear.  Although you may run into certain postmasters that are reluctant  section  6   9.3 sets the rules for shipping live animals, and section 9.3.7 refers to bees specifically and 9.3.10 deals with the packaging.

Meets and exceeds USPS rules 9.3.7 Bees

Bees are acceptable in the continental surface mail when shipped under federal and state regulations to ensure that they are free of disease. Packages of honeybees must bear special handling postage, except those sent at a First-Class Mail price. Only queen honeybees may be shipped via air transportation. Each queen honeybee shipped via air transportation may be accompanied by up to eight attendant honeybees.

And 9.3.10 Packaging

Any mailing container used for mailable animals must be made of at least 275-pound test, double wall, corrugated, weather-resistant fiberboard (W5c) or equivalent and must be adequately ventilated. The container must be constructed to prevent escape of the animals while in the mail and to preclude the container and its contents from being crushed in normal handling. The outside of the container must include a return address and a description of the contents. A container marked “If Undeliverable, Abandon” is not accepted.

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