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How to Use Your Bee-Bus

No matter if you sell 10 or 10,000 packages a year, you know the wooden/wire crates we have used for decades are a PAIN! Unfortunately as beekeepers we don’t often think about what things really cost us. We have been using these wooden boxes so long we have accepted them. Well no more.

Here is the best way to handle your package bees. The cost savings to you, and the convenience to your customers is invaluable. This new box addresses problems we did not even think of as problems.

How much do you spend on staples? How much time do you spend cutting spacers?
Repairing knotholes? Jamming cans into holes that shrunk?
How much time is spent carrying 2 at a time because the lathe won’t hold heavy packages well? How many times do you get your fingers stung or poked handling them?
The list of real issues is long. From the cost, to the basic design. Screen on only 2 sides? Packages of all sizes and shapes. Screen that’s pretty delicate, wires hanging out the side. Returned boxes that are unusable.

What if air staplers were a thing of the past in your process? What if reopening a package was a 3 second job? What if locking packages together was free and took no effort? What if you could actually carry 5 at a time and not be scared to death the lathe would break?

What if customers and employees both didn’t have to worry about stings thru the screen?

Well here it is, full 6 sides of screen, interlocking, and 100% reusable sting proof, and a lot more durable than wood and wire!
We have talked about the benefits to you, but don’t forget the benefits to the consumers!

          * Finger grooves make can removal a snap!
          * Queens can be removed without bees flying around!
          * Entire end opens for quick shake of bees.

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